Single-phase On-Line Double Conversion UPS with high-frequency PWM technology, Daker DK Plus UPS provides power and high efficiency in both tower and rack configurations.


  • High power capacities: from 1 to 10 kVA, power factor 0,9 for 1000-3000 and 1 for 5000-10000, matching battery compartment to increase the uptime.
  • Advanced features: reversible screen (enabling tower or 19’’ rack configuration), smart battery management, optional automatic and manual bypass, view of the status, system parameters, charging status of the battery and faults…
  • Ease of use: intuitive screen, battery easily replaced by the user.
  • Built-in communication software to control the UPS and stop it in the event of a fault and to perform remote diagnostics of the main functions.
  • WEB/SNMP boards and relay interface that can provide isolated contacts for applications on industrial control panels or remote alarm panels.


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