We offer a wide range of flexible and energy efficient cooling solutions to offer the best possible data center solution in all circumstances and for every situation, whether for a small server room or a large data center, newly built or existing office buildings, high or low capacity per rack or air or water cooling. The portfolio consists of both passive and active systems for cooling or optimizing cooling of your valuable IT equipment. The applications of these products are versatile.

The active cooling portfolio includes equipment based on H2O (water) and DX (refrigerant). These products are typically placed as frames between the 19’’ racks: this is referred to as "row based cooling”. Easy-to-install and energy-efficient, these cooling solutions were designed to provide professional and reliable cooling of your IT-equipment.



VariCondition-DX is the modular cooling solution for small server rooms.


VariCondition-H2O is the modular cooling solution for medium to large server rooms.


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