Roof Systems

We have several roof systems for the Next Generation or Free Standing Corridor: a choice can be made between Drop Away Panels, High Transparency Roof and Active/Passive pivot roofs.

Drop Away Panels (FM-Approved)

Drop-away panels provide seamless integration of aisle containment solutions with sprinkler or water mist systems. In the event of a fire in the data centre, the plastic Drop-away panels automatically soften and drop down so that they do not cause an obstruction when the sprinklers are activated.

refroidissement passif

High Transparency Roof

Your aisle containment solution can be fitted with a High Transparency Roof. These roof panels provide high translucency / light transmission – up to 83%. The roof panels are mounted on rails, separate from the server racks. The length is the overall length of the aisle containment, i.e. including the start and end panels.



Active pivot roof or passive pivot roof

Through the use of rotating panels, this type of roof allows for the roof panels to automatically open. This ensures that fire suppression gasses or fluids can reach the enclosed construction.vPassive pivot roof: the activation of the rotation panels occurs through use of thermic fuses which are activated at 57 degrees Celsius. Active pivot roof: the activation of the rotation panels occurs through the release of electromagnets which are engaged by a micro controller which is part of the system.




LED Lighting

The LED Tubes are extremely easy to install. The suspension points are easy to position, allowing LED lighting to be fitted in a corridor in very little time. Once assembled, the LED Tube is highly flexible. The rotation capability in the tubes allows the lighting to be targeted specifically at particular pieces of equipment. The high lighting intensity and the energy efficiency of the LED Tubes are particularly effective in the aisles of Free Standing or Next Generation corridors.