Mechanical accessories

We offer a wide variety of accessories which will make your rack complete, such as various types of shelves, plinths, adjustable feet and more. A list of the accessories which are available can be found on the Minkels website.

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Cable management

Structured cabling is important for the reliability and optimum performance of your data center or server room. Flexibility and accessibility for trouble-shooting or during expansions are essential as well.

Good cable management ensures that:

- the equipment's air intake points are kept as clear as possible: this allows sufficient air to pass through the equipment in order to cool them adequately. Proper cooling avoids equipment failures and results in longer lifespans.

- cables do not become damaged, do not break and have the right radius of curvature: the wrong radius of curvature reduces the performance of the cable. The radius of curvature must never be less than what has been recommended by the supplier.

When cabling is applied properly, it has a neat and structured appearance. This means that cables can be moved or added easily.

Our cable management offer comprises:

- top of rack cable management


- cable guiding accessories


- vertical rack cable management


- other cable management accessories



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Airflow optimization

A research (by Minkels) shows that the use of the correct airflow optimization accessories leads to an enormous reduction in power usage. Based on this research we have developed accessories which provide concrete products for specific airflow optimisation needs such as rubber door seals, cable entry plates front panels, switching & routing accessories etc.

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IT infrastructures are vulnerable. Securing access to data and equipment therefore does not end at the walls of a data centre or server room. Security at the rack level is becoming increasingly important for organisations. We offer several locking systems to secure your data.

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