The MR BUSBAR range solution is a safe, structured alternative to power distribution using conventional wiring. It provides maximum flexibility as its equipment is easy to adapt to the type of power supply required (threephase/single phase, 32-63-125-160 A).

The complete unit can be connected to the power and to the metering BUS while the installation is energized. When it includes metering, this solution is ideal for colocation data centers.

  • Systems which can be configured flexibly to satisfy the specific requirements of the Next Generation Corridor layout
  • Equally suitable for commercial data centers and enterprise data center environments
  • Possibility of concentrating smart tap-off boxes on top of the cabinet: more orderly installation and reduced risk of human error
  • Optimised connection capacity: up to 10 sockets per metre (5 at the front and 5 at the back)
  • Integration of internal or external smart meters for reading energy consumption: redundant data BUS connectors, single-phase or three-phase measurement inputs, optional wireless display, Ethernet port, etc.

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