This is one of the most reliable products in the electrical infrastructure:

  • once commissioned, it requires very little maintenance compared to an oil-immersed transformer, which requires regular inspection.
  • it does not contain any moving parts, or any insulating fluids: there is therefore no risk of leaks nor a need for regular maintenance.


The design of these is completely dry. They incorporate capacitors:

  • designed to last and to withstand the stresses of electricity supplies: overvoltages, harmonic pollution, etc.
  • with a tolerance significantly higher than in the standards (U max = 1.18 Un continuously).

The service life of the compensation system is therefore increased.

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When describing the performance of a structured cabling system, independently of the technology used for the conductor whether it is copper or optical fiber, the transmission speed is the reference point.

The LCS3 structured cabling system ensures high performance and reliability for the installation via zero fault solutions and routing systems that are ideal for copper and fibre optic cables.


Zero fault system

The innovative Legrand LCS³ offer provides you with:

  • 25 Gbps and 40 Gbps BASE-T Ethernet solutions with the copper system.
  • 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps Ethernet solutions with the optical fiber system.

To ensure the 40/100 Gbps and Fiber Channel protocols are supported, hence opt for LCS³ high speed optical fiber solutions, among which our newest MTP connectors and cassettes! They make for a perfect connection in just a few seconds, giving a link providing excellent performance levels, from the patch panel through to the workstation! These solutions can be used to create wiring architectures for the LAN and SAN infrastructures of data centers with OM3 and OM4 performance levels, in multimode and OS1/OS2 in single-mode.

Select the ideal fibre optic solution!


As for LCS3 Cat. 8 copper solutions, they provide performance levels meeting the “ISO/IEC 11801 standards - third edition” requirements.

All LCS3 components are tested individually at the end of production and their excellent performance levels over short links (up to 15 m) ensure availability of bandwidth at the highest frequencies. As for the Legrand RJ 45 and fibre optic connectors, their design ensures they comply with the installation regulations: correct installation is thus assured!

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The new Cat.8 connector

The new toolless connector in Cat. 8 STP, with transmission speed (BIT rate) from 25 Gb/s to 40 Gb/s, is at the heart of the performance of the new LCS³ system. Tested up to 2500 connection/disconnection cycles and in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801 standard - third edition, this new connector ensures a perfect connection in just a few seconds, giving a link providing excellent performance levels!

Routing solutions 


Given the number of digital links in a data center, it is important to ensure the durability of the existing installations and prevent collateral damage which could lead to wiring changes.

For this reason the Legrand Group, world leader in cable management, has developed dedicated data center solutions which ensure:

  • compliance with permitted bend radii for copper and optical fiber data transmission cables
  • protection of cables while they are being installed or replaced
  • compliance of hot and cold air flows
  • compliance with bend radii is possible thanks to:
  • the Cablofil range
  • a wide range of accessories for server racks and HD racks
  • firestop partition feedthroughs (with the EZ Path system)


solution cheminement               solution cheminement

        Complete Legrand cable management solution                                                            Cablofil cable tray: patented T-joint system

The cables are protected via:

  • Cablofil cable trays and their patented T-joint system
  • the automatic cable fixing system on LCS3 patch panels without cable ties


Compliance of the hot and cold air flows is assured by:

  • ranges of LCS² short cords (< 1 m)
  • the vertical fixing system for the panels at the rear of the server racks



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LCS3 preterminated solutions

The complete Legrand solution (racks for the wiring, server racks and routing) enables LCS³ solutions preterminated with connectors to be added!