A 1-hour outage on a trading floor can represent a loss of up to 6 million euros.

Indispensable availability

Providing available power, data and cooling is vital to the core business of any data center. Availability being impacted by the maintenance or failure of critical components making up the delivery path, investing in a highly efficient infrastructure is essential to ensure reliable availability of energy and data in all circumstances!

Determining the required availability

Currently the best reference standard, the EN 50600 series fittingly connects the different availability classes with a corresponding classification related to security and energy efficiency enablement.

In order to determine which availability class is needed, one must assess the consequences a failure induces in parallel with the investment made and the level of risk mitigation achieved.




Objective: constant availability of your infrastructures in all circumstances.

Availability considered carefully at every stage

From designing the data center to developing the systems, it is important to take your availability requirements into account at each stage in order to ensure a high-performance installation:

  • when designing the data center: Legrand can work with you through the complete infrastructure design process. The aim: to help you identify critical components that might reduce the level of service (and thus lead to a loss of continuity) and to offer you solutions that can avoid excessive redundancy in order to maintain service while optimising costs. Example of a solution: synchronisation of two main LV distribution boards.
  • when developing the systems: it is essential to design distribution, power supply and equipment supervision systems etc. using innovative systems that enable not only constant access to a high-performance electrical/digital network, but also the performance of work on the installation (upgrades, maintenance, etc.) without interrupting service.

The Legrand advantage

With its centralised consultancy service, the Legrand Group offers you all the skills of its various skills centres to guide you through defining your technical solutions by viewing the project as a whole, rather than just looking at individual products.


The right Tier/Class for a given data center

For optimum availability of energy, cooling and data meeting your exact needs, it is important to determine the most appropriate Tier/Class. To do so, it is necessary to perform a business risk analysis. The Legrand Group gives you some recommendations ensuring you to subsequently implement optimum solutions.




The guarantee of permanent optimum availability involves the use of innovative systems that allow:

To maintain a continuous electrical and digital power supply