UPSaver® is a complete, highly efficient, multi-function and fully adaptable power protection system which provides maximum flexibility with innovative green technology for unmatched energy savings, a minimized TCO and a low environmental footprint.


  • High efficiency: scalable system up to 12.8 MW, efficiency up to 99.5%, hot system power growth.
  • Maximum flexibility: modular system, easily expandable, 4 modes of operation (Double conversion High Efficiency, Very High Efficiency, Ultra High Efficiency, ECO).
  • Continuous savings: low maintenance cost, patented Green Conversion technology managing the battery-inverter subsystem in order to enhance double conversion efficiency and extend battery life.
  • Comprehensive set of configuration options : N+R redundancy, distributed and centralized static by-pass, distributed and centralized battery…
  • Genset operation compliant: unit input power factor, input THDi <3%, programmable soft start and hold-off features.


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