A reliable IT environment has become increasingly important. It has grown to become an operationally critical item that helps justify a company’s raison d’être. But by no means all companies are ready to outsource and prefer to keep the IT infrastructure within the walls of their own organisation. That is why we have developed the Micro Data Center Solutions: MiniCube and MatrixCube (a preconfigured, turnkey IT infrastructure solution specifically targeting the SME sector).

Our experts have brought power distribution, cooling, housing and mechanical infrastructure together in all-in-one solutions! The micro data center solutions offer you a complete and compact server room on which specific modifications can be made to meet your exact needs. Numerous options and accessories are available to expand the infrastructure as your needs evolve!

The MiniCube

With the adoption of cloud computing, many companies now have a need to reduce the size of their server rooms and to save energy costs. The MiniCube has everything you need for a full data center: housing, power supply, monitoring and cooling, all in a compact system. It is fully preconfigured and truly plug-and-play!

  • Reliable and efficient solution for server rooms
  • No dependency on the building, easy to deploy
  • Use of proven technologies
  • Turn-key solution, including installation and start-up


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The MatrixCube

  • The MatrixCube is a pre-configured, turn-key IT infrastructure solution specifically designed for small and medium sized companies and is intended to relieve the IT Manager of all IT infrastructure concerns. Easy to install and to expand, the MatrixCube is a redundant comprehensive data centre solution with racks, cooling, UPS, PDUs, cable management and monitoring systems.
  • Reliable and cost-efficient server room solution.
  • Building independent, thus easy to deploy
  • Energy-efficient housing for your IT infrastructure
  • Use of proven technologies
  • Turn-key solution, including installation and putting into operation
  • Customer-specific modifications are possible


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An efficient and scalable IT infrastructure