Server & network racks

The server and network racks are widely applicable and modular in structure. What type of rack is most suitable depends highly on its application. The server and network racks can be configured in varying heights, widths and depths.

Switching & Routing racks

Switching & routing racks are ideal for housing high-end switching & routing equipment (e.g. Cisco 6500 & 7000 series). The racks combine the best possible cooling performance with capacity for a large amount of network cabling.



Co-location racks

Compartmentalised co-location racks are ideal for combining multiple end customers in one rack while keeping them safely separated. We offer a choice between a twice and four times compartmentalised rack. For the latter, each compartment has a height of 10 HE. The twice compartmentalised rack has a compartment height of 20 HE. The compartments are fully separated by a fixed plateau and all have separate and protected data and power cable trays.

Integration racks

Integration racks are ideal for prefabrication of the IT-equipment. The system allows IT equipment to be built-in, cabled and tested prior to transport to the customer location. Using the integration rack reduces on-site installation time significantly.