Smoke, temperature rise, flood or water leak in air conditioning units, etc. are incidents which can have serious consequences on the operation of the data center.

Legrand’s solutions

The comprehensive range of Legrand technical detectors, which can be used with sensors (optionally integrated), enables alarms to be raised quickly and a fast response.

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                        Smoke detector                                                                   Heat detector               


To be associated with:

  • sensors (integrated in the rack or cold corridor, as close as possible to the IT equipment) to detect any cooling anomalies, water leaks from air conditioning units or outbreaks of fire
  • a temperature sensor (stand-alone or integrated in an intelligent PDU) associated with a gateway to control what flows into the corridor and to manage alarms
  • humidity sensors

Note that with Legrand solutions, it is possible to use a gateway to collect all the data received!

Raritan’s solutions

Raritan’s environment sensors allow you to maintain proper humidity levels (thus avoiding electrostatic discharge problems), detect any water leak and secure your cabinets. The Raritan EMX is a central connection point for all of Raritan’s environmental sensors. The EMX smart rack controller offers up to eight sensor ports, eight feature ports for Raritan’s dynamic asset-tracking solution and eight RS-485 ports, all in a 1U form factor.

Raritan’s rack monitoring solution for instance helps maintaining cabinet security with USB webcams and contact closure sensors.