The EZ-PATH mechanical firestop caulking system provides optimum protection against fire spreading, whatever the load factor of the cables.

Because it enables cables to be added or removed without affecting its firestop performance, it is particularly suitable for infrastructures requiring modifications to the electric wiring, and ensures durable, flexible and sealed cable routing in installations.


  • durability of fire walls ensured at the level of cable feedthroughs
  • possibility of adding fireproof cables
  • controlled air flow through the wall, which ensures good dimensioning of gas fire-extinguishing equipment
  • durable certification: EZ Path is certified regardless of modifications to the cabling
  • automatic adjustment to inserted cables (with or without pre-fitted connectors) with no special tools or training on fire barrier regulations required and without causing dust or debris in the plenums
  • The factory-calibrated EZ Path solution will provide maximum sealing against cold smoke and quenching gas. The EQLA values or leakage area allow the maximum constraints of the electrical cabling to be integrated as early as the initial design stage of the part to be protected.