With the Legrand range of modular Uninterruptible Power Supplies it is possible to add power and battery modules, and thus to increase the capacity inside the UPS itself. Additional advantage: the connections upstream and downstream of the UPS are already made.

Legrand's parallelable UPS range, in conjunction with IS optimized distribution solutions (HX3 range), enables an additional UPS to be added with no break in service, as well as the necessary upstream and downstream connections. With the KEOR HPE solution, it is thus possible to connect up to six UPSs in parallel to provide very high power capacities.

Note: the physical location of the UPS and some reserve space (unequipped space) must be provided in the electrical panel!


This system enables components to be added or replaced in an installation while energized, without shutting down the system and without the risk of damaging the rest of the installation. Uninterruptible power supplies, which switch the supply to a backup battery for a short while if there is an electrical problem (thus protecting the equipment and the data), can consist of hot swappable components such as batteries. As the ability to change a UPS module is essential for the scalability of an installation, Legrand On-line double conversion modular UPS all incorporate a hot swap system. This ensures optimum continuity and quality of the electricity supply. With their innovative design, Trimod HE and Keor Mod three-phase modular UPS adapt to all types of installation and help achieve different redundancy levels. Their very compact and easy-to-handle power modules are equipped with the hot swap system. Their highly standardised components provide the most flexible scalability on the market.



  • Power from 10 to 80 kVA
  • Power distribution to each power module at the input/output
  • 3 independent output phases
  • Eco Mode and EPS Mode
  • Plug & Play technology
  • Multi control board function
  • Automatic recognition of power modules
  • LCD screen and front keypad

Use the LCD screen and keypad to:

  • set and view the operating data in real time
  • configure and control the parameters of each power module
  • access the event logs
  • perform a series of functional tests


  • UPS system capacity up to 600 kW
  • Modular redundancy in N+1 configuration
  • Efficiency in ECO mode up to 99%
  • Exclusive rotating 10" touch screen display
  • Led Status Bar with traffic light type coding for the immediate display of the actual operating status
  • Control of the cooling fans performed independently
  • Front communication module boasting a wide selection of communication interfaces
+ Worth noting

On-line double conversion

On-line double conversion technology consists of converting the current supplied via the raw mains supply twice before supplying the installation: once to DC via the rectifier, and once to AC via the inverter. This provides increased protection against power cuts and micro-cuts, interference, frequency variations, voltage dips, overvoltages, lightning, etc.


Choose the best way to daisy chain up to 8 PDUs using one of the two USB ports of Raritan’s iX7 controller. Or leverage the Gigabit Ethernet port for cascading and the free USB ports for other applications. You can mix and match USB and Ethernet connections, and even include other PX and EMX products as part of the daisy chain.


Increasing the number of racks requires the addition of data and electrical connections. It also requires there to be sufficient air conditioning power in the room.

Achieve installation flexibility in order to respond to growing needs for power without service interruptions