The LCS³ system provides solutions with small copper and optical fiber cables prefitted with connectors. LCS³ solutions can be installed at the top of the rack, by fixing on cable trays, which increases the flexibility of the installation and the server rack capacity. To be noted: LCS³ links, either with bare cables or cables pre-fitted with connectors, can perfectly be added in an installation equipped with the EZ-Path cable routing system.


HD solutions allow upgrading because they are small. This ensures a high degree of availability of spaces for adding equipment in order to provide higher performance levels.

For instance, the LCS³ range has been designed and produced to optimize space and make future upgrades easier. It gives you access to higher performance levels without requiring any additional space: the copper system now comprises HD panels that house 48 ports (4 blocks of 12 connectors) in the same amount of space as the 24-port panels, and the HD/UHD optical fibre system offers innovative panels that can house up to 144 connections in 1 U!


Benefiting from an efficiently scalable infrastructure involves choosing the right electrical distribution mode for the PDUs.

For optimized distribution, Legrand recommends a Legrand BUSBAR solution MR DC with tap-off boxes, with or without metering. When it includes metering, this solution is ideal for colocation data centers. The complete unit, which can be connected to the power and to the metering bus while the installation is energized, provides maximum flexibility as its equipment is easy to adapt to the type of power supply required (threephase/single phase, 32-63-125-160 A).

For small applications, Legrand offers Plug & Play solutions for cable routing and the IS 223 distribution panel. Offering good scalability at an optimum cost, this solution is ideal for enterprise data centers.



Hot Plug solutions are ideal when it comes to increasing system capacity, since upgrade and maintenance operations can be carried out without compromising or interrupting data center activity.

For instance, the Hot Plug system enables VDI equipment to be connected/disconnected while is energized, with no damage to the installation and with no break in service.

This system can also be applied to installation components such as low voltage electrical panels, energy distribution solutions in computer rooms, IT equipment, etc.

+ Worth noting


When adapting an infrastructure in order to increase a data center’s capacities, it is essential to control capital expenditures (CAPEX), which can be substantial. This is possible by resorting to solutions which allow an evolution of capacities at the rate of the data center’s real needs. Implemented in a modular design, these solutions will limit the engendered operating expenses (OPEX), all the while controlling scalability and availability.

Use of connection systems that offer both functional and physical flexibility