Raritan’s offer comprises 230V and 415V models, in hundreds of different configurations, including per socket monitoring that help to improve power usage effectiveness of data centers. Remote and “at-the-rack” data collection of current (amps), voltage, power (kVA, kW), and energy consumption (kWh) allows you to:

  • benchmark entire racks and individual IT equipment as to identify inefficient IT devices and ghost servers, 
  • identify when more power is going to a rack than needed and deploy “stranded power” elsewhere,
  • drive energy-efficient behavior and support sustainability initiatives.

Power data obtained from PDUs can help you calculate PUE at a granular level, allowing for Category 3 PUE reporting. Intelligent PDUs send power-usage data over the network to a DCIM solution such as Power IQ® to automatically calculate PUE. Total power used in each rack can be compared to the building’s overall power usage to create the foundation for PUE calculation.



+ Worth noting

Real world results: CISCO

When Cisco sought to reduce its energy consumption and costs, its labs were an obvious target as they accounted for 60% of the company’s total power usage, yet occupied only about 10% of its real-estate space. The largest savings came from deploying smart PDUs in all new labs and in major lab retrofits, as well as in existing labs. These PDUs were compatible with Cisco’s EnergyWise infrastructure, which Cisco said removed barriers to adoption. The amount of power that the smart