Power losses associated with energy conversion and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) currently represent around 10% of a data center's total energy consumption, where the cooling alone represents 32%.

Given the efforts made with regard to cooling, particularly through designs enabling the use of free cooling, these power losses will account for a large part of the data center’s energy bill.

In order to increase the efficiency of the electrical infrastructure, it is therefore necessary to look into solutions that will reduce this percentage, in particular via the power supply and distribution systems.

Various products, providing high performance installations, improve the quality of the energy and limit power losses, thus reducing the environmental footprint:


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Reducing power losses

Reducing power losses must be worked at on a daily basis, via careful management of energy requirements. Those responsible for running a data center must therefore pay attention to the incoming energy flows and quality in order to adapt the power demand to the data center's actual requirements and ensure optimum use of the power received.

Since the various power devices are most efficient in minimum load conditions, energy management will be optimised and the power losses limited.