The class (A1 to A4) of a data center, defined by the ASHRAE standard, is assigned according to :

  • the equipment in the data center : 


Class A1: typically a data center with tightly controlled environmental parameters (dew point, temperature, and relative humidity) and mission critical operations. Classes A2/A3/A4: typically an information technology space or office or lab environment with some control of environmental parameters (dew point, temperature, and relative humidity).


  • its specific environmental features : 



For more information, check the ASHRAE 2015 Thermal Guidelines.


Minkels’ Free Standing Corridor is a fully self-supporting cold/hot aisle containment system thanks to which closed-off aisles can be created independently from the IT racks, which is not usual in the data center market.

Its modular design consists of a carrying construction, wall panels, roof panels and sliding doors. Immediately after implementation, the energy efficiency reached is the same as that of a regular aisle containment system with IT racks.

The Free Standing Corridor offers corporate and commercial data centers a cost-efficient “pay-as-you-grow” solution in order to create energy efficiency at low initial investments (CAPEX).