Rack PDU metering allows data center managers to monitor power in real-time to avoid downtime brought on by overloaded circuits, and to efficiently utilize power resources. Legrand’s PDUs are equipped with an ammeter. The 1-U PDU ammeter can be rotated 90° to ensure easy reading regardless of mounting position (horizontal or vertical).




Raritan’s PX Intelligent PDUs are fitted with monitoring features that detect hidden problems in your power chain, test for true redundancy and implement more efficient load balancing with detailed measurements from each server’s power supply.

+ Worth noting

Measurement with PUE category 2

For a PUE category 2, it is possible to:

  • locate the measurement remotely from a PDU for the consumption of a rack at its upstream protection device, thus enabling a basic PDU to be used.
  • integrate measurement in the tap-off boxes connected to the prefabricated busbar trunking.


Raritan’s hybrid rack transfer switch system is the first in the world to offer inlet, outlet, and branch circuit level power metering as well as outlet level switching for better remote power control!





Raritan’s Branch Circuit Monitor series provides data center managers with realtime and historical views of electrical capacity and power usage at the panelboard, floor PDU, RPP or overhead busway.




Associated with PX and PXE PDUs, Raritan’s Power IQ® DCIM Monitoring Software enables you to closely monitor and efficiently utilize your existing data center power infrastructure. A configurable dashboard provides vendor agnostic views of power capacity, environmental health, and energy consumption.