Uninterruptible Power Supplies, which switch the supply to a backup battery for a short while if there is an electrical problem (thus protecting the equipment and the data), can consist of hot-swappable components such as batteries.

As the ability to change a UPS module is essential for the scalability of an installation, Legrand’s “On-line double conversion” modular UPSs all incorporate a hot swap system. This ensures optimum continuity and quality of the electricity supply.

With their innovative design, Legrand three-phase modular UPS can adapt to all installation types and allow to achieve various levels of redundancy. Their highly compact and easy-to-handle power modules are fitted with the hot swap system. Their highly standardised components guarantee the greatest upgrade flexibility on the market.

+ Worth noting

On-line double conversion

On-line double conversion technology consists of converting the current supplied via the raw mains supply twice before supplying the installation: once to DC via the rectifier, and once to AC via the inverter. This provides increased protection against power cuts and micro-cuts, interference, frequency variations, voltage dips, overvoltages, lightning, etc.


Legrand PDUs’ surge protection module incorporates hot swap technology. It can be used to replace a used module without interrupting the power supply to the other equipment connected to the PDU. This is an essential accessory for business servers which need continuous protection. The module is equipped with a warning LED which indicates when it needs replacing.