The Legrand Group aims to meet customer expectations through the worldwide deployment of its quality process according to four key directions.

Ensure satisfaction and loyalty among customers, and expand the customer base

  • Offer innovative and high-performance solutions that comply with safety rules and regulatory requirements, meet the needs of reliability and ease of implementation and use, and satisfy the expectations expressed by customers
  • Associate the Group’s various brands with a recognized level of quality

Ensure that compliance, cost and lead-time commitments are met

  • Organize and control processes in order to reduce and prevent all risks, optimise costs and reduce waste
  • Measure and supervise the efficiency of processes, both internally and with the Group's partners

Continuously improve performance and the management system

  • Listen to customers in order to detect opportunities to improve the product offering
  • Promote a dynamic approach to corrective and preventive actions at all levels
  • Promote continuous improvement and analysis tools: Lean, Six Sigma, FMECA, etc.

Encourage the accountability of all persons involved in the Group's processes

  • Stimulate employee commitment to applying the quality policy
  • Promote a spirit of initiative and individual and collective performance
  • Develop skills in the Group's various business areas
  • Ensure the involvement and accountability of suppliers in the Group's processes as early as possible, as part of a sustainable and balanced relationship


Legrand's corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy aims to support profitable long-term growth for the Group. Given the environmental, societal, and technological challenges it faces, Legrand's aim is to ensure that everyone can use electricity in a sustainable way.

Legrand's CSR strategy lies at the intersection between the Group's business, its strategy and the global challenges it faces. These are the challenges that guide its development every day. CSR is therefore an integral part of Legrand's business. It involves the whole organization: all of the Group’s entities and subsidiaries are stakeholders in its CSR strategy and help to implement it on a daily basis.

At the heart of its business, Legrand's CSR strategy is based around 4 focal points, each with its own priorities:

  • Users: provide sustainable solutions and be a driving force in the electrical sector
  • Employees: respect human rights, guarantee health and safety at work, develop skills and promote diversity
  • Society: act ethically, ensure responsible purchasing and enable access to electricity for all 
  • Environment: reduce the Group's environmental footprint and innovate for a more circular economy

Learn more about Legrand's CSR strategy



New methods of communication, such as cloud computing, have prompted Legrand to develop a dedicated data center offer to meet the most demanding user and operator requirements.

The offer, mainly comprising 19" server racks, aisle containment systems, high density fibre optic drawers and cassettes and high density power distribution units (PDUs), has been structured around 4 major market needs:

  • optimize energy efficiency
  • ensure service continuity
  • incorporate scalability
  • guarantee equipment and data security

Worth noting : all Legrand's solutions are ISO certified                                        




To help improve performance and reliability, particularly for VDI infrastructures, Legrand and Minkels are offering customers generalist and specialist training, in off-the-shelf or custom formats. These training sessions address all needs, from covering the basics, to updating knowledge, presenting product solutions and enhancing skills and expertise.

The Legrand Group uses its know-how to support customers throughout the lifetime of their projects, from design, installation and operation right through to maintenance.

A strategic approach to creating value and driving quality